Functioning of Kegel8® Pelvic Health Devices

 The kegel8® Pelvic Health Devices are a breed of modern Neuromuscular Stimulators (STIM) developed with the aim of achieving optimum pelvic health for women. The principle aim is to give women the opportunity to tone and exercise their PC muscles, strengthen weak muscles and nerve fibers in a compact, easy use device.

Neuromuscular Stimulation has been used for many years to stimulate muscle and nerve fibers to treat a number of muscle and nerve related conditions. Neuromuscular Stimulation is increasingly understood by doctors and therapists. There is a better understanding of the mechanisms which exist between nerves and muscles that make it possible to stimulate the neuromuscular system with precise electrical signals

The Kegel8® Pelvic Health devices are dual channel devices combining several treatment programs into one unit.

Applications: Why ever woman should use a Kegel8® Pelvic Health Device

  • Helps promote bladder control (continence).
  • Increases and improves muscle strength.
  • Maintains or improves range of movement.
  • Increases and improves the blood supply to the muscle.
  • Reduces pain.
  • Strengthens pubococcygeus (PC) muscles in order to prevent or reduce pelvic floor problems and to increase sexual satisfaction.
  • Can be used to treat vaginal and uterine prolapses, depending on the severity of symptoms.
  • Can help to strengthen the levator muscles, weakened by damage or lost nerve input from child birth, especially in the case of c-section, operation for hernia and hysterectomy.

Contra indications & Precautions

STIM should not be used

  • By patients fitted with a demand style cardiac pace makers unless so advised by their doctors.
  • During pregnancy (unless medically advised).
  • By patients with undiagnosed pain conditions.
  • By patients with undiagnosed skin, vaginal or rectal conditions.
  • Patients with dimished mental capacity or physical competence who cannot handle the device properly.
  • When driving.