Can a stronger pelvic floor improve your sex life?

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"Can a stronger pelvic floor improve your sex life?
Definitely yes! There is ample evidence from a range of experts, research and most of all, from women themselves that a strong pelvic floor muscle can greatly improve your sexual arousal, your sexual response, the level of sensation you feel during intercourse, and your ability to reach an orgasm. A study of 176 women published in 2010 revealed that women with strong or moderate pelvic floor muscle strength scored significantly higher for orgasm and sexual arousal than women with weak pelvic floor muscles(Lowenstein)
For men, there is clear evidence that strong pelvic floor muscles can greatly contribute to overcoming erectile dysfunction.

What do the experts say?
Specialists strongly believe that a regular program of pelvic floor exercise will enhance a woman's sex life.
Through working with many thousands of women over the last 30 years, it has become abundantly clear to me that a strong pelvic floor muscle enhances orgasm with oneself and during partner sex. Betty Dodson- US sex eduator and expert.
These exercises, when performed correctly, can increase orgasmic intensity as well as prevent pelvic organ prolapse and incontinence. Stanford University School of Medicine
The pelvic floor has an important sexual function, helping to increase sexual awareness both for yourself and your partner during sexual intercourse. Continence Foundation, UK
Strengthening all the muscles in the pelvic floor, identifying them, learning to use them and keeping them strong, will not only help prevent reproductive organs from falling later in life, but will be key in enhancing sexual response today. Focusing part of your exercise regime on this muscle group can really pay off later in the bedroom. Laura Berman, US sex therapist

What does the research say?
Until recently, these expert views were based on professional observations or on women's own anecdotal accounts of the improvements that they had experienced, since there had been very little properly conducted research in this area.
But as research emerges, it is beginning to confirm the experts' opinions. Two of the very few research studies that have looked at this area found that improvement in sexual desire, performance during coitus and achievement of orgasm were observed in women who received pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation. Beji and others
There was a ..significant reduction in number of women having problems with sex-life .. in the exercise group after six months of pelvic floor muscle exercise. Bo and others

How does exercising your pelvic floor muscle help your enjoyment of sex?
The pelvic floor muscles are directly responsible for the amount of sensation a woman feels during intercourse, and for the amount of grip felt by her partner. So although an exercise regime for the pelvic floor muscle has the same physiological benefits as exercising any other muscle, the spin-offs are much better!
Exercise improves muscle tone which means that the muscle is tighter, so is stretched more by an erect penis.
Strong, firm muscles have more nerve endings, and more nerve endings mean more sensations for you during sex.

Exercise improves circulation, and this is particular important for the smaller muscles of the pelvic floor, which are responsible for engorging the clitoris when you are aroused.
Rhythmic contractions of the pelvic floor contribute to arousal and to many women's ability to achieve orgasm. Many women report they are able to reach orgasm more easily, and that their orgasms are more powerful, after a pelvic floor exercise program.